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Let’s talk about cannabis or CBD and honey. What exactly is “cannahoney”? Does it get you high?
Stigma is changing - it just takes time. There are so many people from all walks of life using CBD now.
Why is everyone so obsessed with this wellness trend?
Learn how to come down from a high and sober up if youve taken too much marijuana or are new to smoking marijuana and need to cull your symptoms.
As the cannabis niche grows bigger the job profiles in LinkedIn will increasingly be using the words cannabis, marijuana, weed, and 420.
Quick question: what do the bond markets and cannabis industry have in common?They can both buy the ratings they need by cutting a fat check.
Why are We Destroying Illegal Marijuana? There is a Better Solution!
Just like seized property, why not auction it off so the taxpayer makes money?
A great guide to staying in a good mood, even with not so great folks around you! via Forbes
🤳 Phone addiction is real, but it’s not unbeatable.Here are the reasons why checking your phone is harmful to your productivity and health and what you can do to stop glancing at your phone so many times during the day 😉
Having trouble falling asleep? 😴
Is your head full of worry and negative thoughts?
Find out how to manage the negative thoughts that keep you awake at night.
Its a system, just like the digestive, nervous or immune system. But up until the 1990s, little to nothing was known about the endocannabinoid systems health properties.
Are you living with Blepharitis?🕷️ Demodex mites are an often overlooked differential diagnosis. The mites are not harmful in normal conditions. But their population become an infestation in dry eye 👁️ or blepharitis patients.Here are some myths and facts to help debunk some common beliefs surrounding Demodex Blepharitis…🏳️
Did you know that we spend approximately one-third of our lives at work? So clearly, being happy at work is important. Find out how happy you really are working in your current GP clinic:
Lots of good requirements best practices to remember for writing a PRD. Handy checklist here too!
Big Bud vs Craft Bud – Who will win the cannabis market?
Why dumbing down cannabis products to just feelings is the wrong move right now.
Find out how to cope with anxiety in many different ways. Stop suffering - from natural remedies to medical alternatives, there are many ways to get better!
Are you suffering from MGD? The TFOS organization has identified MGD as the most common cause of dry eye.
Meibomian Gland Disease (MGD) is a type of Blepharitis - eyelid irritation and inflammation. Based on the latest discoveries, Dr. Laura Periman 👩🏻‍⚕️ created the BEISTO method.
Learn more:
🇧:  Bugs & Bacteria
🇪: Enzymes.
🇮:  Inflammation
🇸:  Stasis
🇹:  Temperature
🇴:  Obstruction
New to smoking marijuana? Get all your questions answered in this in-depth guide to ensure your first time goes without a hitch.
Looks like its becoming more accessible 🙂
Hip fractures occur every day, but they are serious injuries. All you need to know here:
Learn more about why people use high potency CBD oil and some factors to consider before making your purchase. Is high concentration CBD right for you?
Did you know that the U.S. spends over $1 billion in medical costs for Veterans hearing problems? Get
Find out how to cope with anxiety in many different ways. Stop suffering - from natural remedies to medical alternatives, there are many ways to get better!
Sam suffered from two soccer-related concussions for five years before finding a treatment that worked for her. This is the story of her journey to recovery.
Femur fractures can be difficult and lengthy to recover from. Recovery leads to time away from work, lost wages, and suffering.
Curious about Ambulatory Phlebectomy? Learn more about this vein treatment, risks, recovery time, and more.
The man, the legend, the hero of medicinal cannabis oils. Rick Simpson and his namesake oil swooped into the scene and changed the cannabis game forever, but who exactly is he and why should you even care? Great question! In short, Rick Simpson is a Canadian cannabis activist whose innovative spirit allowed him to create his own unique and powerful brand of cannabis oil.If youve been around cannabis, youve heard of Phoenix Tears. Learn about Rick Simpson Oil (RSO) and what its used for in our guide to Phoenix Tears.
Have scientists found the cure for ADHD and ADD in adults and children? About 10% of children are affected by attention deficit disorders.
Does your pet have arthritis or anxiety? CBD is quickly becoming a go-to medication for humans and pets alike. Learn more about CBD as a natural painkiller for your pet companion 👉
1 in 4 Canadians deal with anxiety on a daily basis. Read on to learn how CBD oil is the most efficient way to push out the Sunday scaries, pre-work morning madness, or late-night jitters 👉
Find out how to cope with anxiety in many different ways. Stop suffering - from natural remedies to medical alternatives, there are many ways to get better!
Here are the symptoms of brain injury that you need to look out for after a car accident impact.
This comparison of CBD edibles vs CBD suppositories helps to explain how each can provide specific benefits before you put them in your body.
A regular, structural MRI cannot detect post-concussion syndrome. But there’s another scan that can. Read on for details on how to get an accurate PCS diagnosis.
With the recent buzz about CBD coffee helping baristas and their customers alleviate fatigue of mind and body, we unpack the details surrounding what is CBD coffee and how it may help everyone live ...
Get the Supplements Without the Stigma: Why CBD Edibles are Having A Moment in 2019
Like most consumer products, CBD has its own scale that presents different effects depending on the source, production, and intensity. However, I wasn’t entirely convinced about the potential effects until I tried CBD wax dabs with this device.
These weed industry folks are changing the game.