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A medical clinic specialising in legal cannabis treatments

MediCannabis operates as a specialist clinic service for the prescription of medical cannabis in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. Our medical doctors, nurses and specialists provide safe alternative therapies for conditions including epilepsy, cancer pain, Parkinson’s Disease, weight control and Multiple Sclerosis.

There is a growing volume of research into the effectiveness of cannabinoids in medical cannabis to treat a wide range of conditions. These naturally occurring chemical compounds interact with endocannabinoid receptors throughout the body, and can be used to provide relief for patients suffering from a range of symptoms.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is medical cannabis?

Unlike recreational cannabis, pharmaceutical preparations of medical cannabis isolate specific compounds in the plant for medical formulations. This minimises side effects and maximises the therapeutic benefit, ensuring patients receive sufficient dosages of active cannabinoids.

By distilling specific cannabinoids into tablets, capsules or sprays, pharmacists can control the strength and dose, and ensure consistency across treatments.

How is medical cannabis regulated?

The medical cannabis industry in Australia falls under the Therapeutic Goods Act, 1989 (TGA). This Act ensures that all therapeutic goods available in Australia are safe and fit for purpose.

Under TGA, medical cannabis is only administered through the following schemes:

  • Authorised Prescriber Scheme (AP)
  • Special Access Scheme (SAS)
  • Clinical trials
Is MediCannabis an authorised prescriber of medical marijuana?

An authorised prescriber is a medical practitioner with approval to prescribe unapproved therapeutic goods for patients in their immediate care.

At MediCannabis, we have authorised prescribers on staff, allowing us to provide our patients with legal access to medical cannabis.

Will I get addicted to cannabis treatment?

The psychoactive compound in cannabis is excluded from a number of our pharmaceutical preparations. If you are worried about addiction, please let your medical professional know and they will discuss treatment options with you.

Will my medical cannabis make me high?

Cannabis contains over 100 cannabinoids, which are naturally occurring chemical compounds that can help to alleviate a variety of symptoms.

The two most commonly used are tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD). While THC is responsible for the ‘high’ most commonly associated with cannabis use, CBD is not psychoactive and can be extracted and administered independently of THC.

Do I have to smoke cannabis?

No, in fact we normally recommend that you don’t smoke medical cannabis. Administration through a vaporizer, oil or pill is preferable since it enables us to control the dose rate and may reduce your exposure to any additional health risks.

What are the side effects of medical cannabis?

The side effects of medical cannabis treatments can include fatigue and sedation, appetite changes, dry mouth and diarrhoea. If you experience any unpleasant side-effects as a result of your treatment, please call the clinic right away and a member of staff will advise you.

Can I still drive or operate heavy machinery while undergoing treatment?

Your medical professional will advise you if your specific treatment is suitable to use while driving. If you are unsure, please do not operate heavy machinery or drive a vehicle.

Medical cannabis has different effects on different patients. Please take care when using medical cannabis and do not drive if you experience an altered mental state.

I am already self-administering cannabis, what are the benefits of visiting MediCannabis?

Recreational cannabis is very different to medical cannabis. For quality and safety purposes, we recommend that you always choose a legal cannabis source. Medical grade cannabis has to be tested for purity and is certified as contaminant free, this is not the case with street-bought cannabis.

Will one consultation be enough?

The number of consultations you require will be determined by your condition and wellness goals. One consultation will not be enough, and your medical practitioner will insist on seeing you regularly so that they can monitor your progress and adjust your prescription as necessary.

Will my health insurance cover the cost of the consultation and my medical cannabis prescriptions?

This is dependant on the cannabis product you are prescribed and your current health status. Please ask your medical practitioner for more information.

Is medical cannabis covered by PBS?

No, medical cannabis is not currently listed on the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS).

What do I need to bring with me to my first consultation?

To treat you effectively and safely, it is important that we have a full overview of your medical history. Please bring the following documents with you to your first consultation:

  • A referral letter from your GP or Medical Specialist, and relevant medical history from other doctor(s).
    • Please ask them to provide this to you and/or transfer them to our clinic. You can provide them our web address for contact details https://medicannabis.com.au
  • Recent or pertinent blood test/pathology test results.
  • Recent or pertinent X-Rays, MRIs, or other medical imaging and accompanying reports.
  • Please bring your Medicare Card
  • If this is a follow-up appointment, please bring any new medical reports that may be pertinent to this consultation if they were not obtained through us.
Can I book an appointment to see an authorised prescriber of cannabis online?

You can book a consultation online via our Book Online page.

How much will a consultation cost?
Initial Consultation
  • Initial consultation and assessment, and associated admin processing for Special Access Scheme (SAS) medicines is approximately 30 minutes.
  • $100 for consultation with a Medicare rebate of approx. $37.60
  • $150 for admin work and applications submissions with no rebate.
Follow-up Consultations
  • Follow-up consultation and assessment, and associated admin processing for Special Access Scheme (SAS) medicines is approximately 20 minutes.
  • $100 for consultation with a Medicare rebate of approx. $37.60
  • $100 for admin work and applications submissions with no rebate.